Buying a New Mitsubishi Colt Car

The Colt is a very long running model designed and produced by the Japanese car maker Mitsubishi. Over the many years since it first went on sale in 1962 there have been many changes and upgrades that have been made to this vehicle, and the Colt is now in its seventh generation.

The new seventh generation Mitsubishi colt was first released in its home market of Japan in 2003, and came to Europe a year later in 2004. The car was designed by Oliver Boulay and it was built on the platform used by the Smart ForFour. European models include the 1.1-litre MPI Mivec, 1.3-litre MPI Mivec, 1.5-litre MPI Mivec and a 1.5-litre Turbo Mivec. All of these are petrol powered engines, and in addition to these there is also a 1.5-litre L D-ID direct injection turbodiesel version of the car with both a turbocharger and intercooler, which produces 94bhp and is available with the option of the firm’s Allshift automatic 6-speed manual transmission with electric clutch.

The Colt CZT is the performance spec version of the car, which features a 1.5-litre T engine based on the 4G15 block and includes Turbo, Intercooler, and variable valve timing to bring the power up to 147bhp at 6,000rpm.

Another version of this car is the Colt Plus, which is based on the standard car but with an increased length. This increased size means that there is more boot storage space in the Plus variant, and this car also offers the extra feature of an automatic tailgate with obstacle sensor, which can be operated using a remote control.

The most innovative variant of this vehicle is the Mitsubishi Colt MIEV, which is fitted with an electric motor on each of its wheels. This is an all-electric vehicle which was designed to appeal to buyers who want to have an environmentally friendly vehicle which does not have the carbon dioxide emissions which are associated with traditionally powered cars. The MIEV electric vehicle (EV) has a top speed of 92mph and a total range of 150km on each charge. It also features quick charge batteries to minimize the amount of time which it takes to fully charge up the batteries.

With all of the different options which are available for this vehicle it is a good idea to do some research before making a purchase, as well as talking to your local car dealer in depth in order to get their advice about which car would be best for you.